Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Justin Bieber Dolls hitting stores soon: OMG! In top ten requested X-Mas gifts

Word is out so shoppers listen. The Justin Bieber Dolls which sing, look cool and have Bieber hair are already causing a stir for Christmas and we got two solid months before the holiday. It is number 4 for the top most requested Christmas Gifts for 2010 by a poll released today from the online 411 shopping outlet. Giving kids a chance to say what they want for Christmas, it appears Justin Bieber is one of the best gifts.

Originally, the store were to start getting the Justin Bieber dolls on or around December 4. Now we can't confirm an exact date, but we can share with you what we have learned today from stores in Los Angeles. The dolls will be in high demand. Not Zhu Zhu demand, we are talking Cabbage Patch demand. It is going to be one of the hottest items for the Christmas 2010 season.

According to two stores in the area, both are NOT expecting to have adequate supply of the dolls for customers for the holidays. Both stores have ordered the Bravado and The Bridge Direct, Inc, with one store source telling us they were told the order may not be completely fulfilled as there are so many people wanting the doll.

What is there to do if you want to give this doll to your kids for Christmas? Preorder - NOW! Toys 'R Us has a preorder option and so does several other large retailers. Another tip is not to wait until December 15. Buy it when you see it and start looking when December comes knocking.

We will definitely see everyone in line as having out own Justin Bieber around the office would be awesome. Too bad the doll doesn't make coffee, but if it can only sing, we will make do!


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