Sunday, October 21, 2012

>Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber nearing 1 billion YouTube views


NEW YORK (Billboard) – Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are both approaching a major milestone of the new music industry: one billion all-time YouTube views.

Lady Gaga should pass one billion views around October 20 if she continues on her current pace, according to David Birch, communications director at TubeMogul. During September, she averaged almost 1.8 million views per day.

Birch says Bieber will surpass the 1 billion views milestone around November 1 if he keeps up his current pace. During September, Bieber's videos were viewed about 3.7 million times per day.

After Lady Gaga and Bieber, the next closest artist is Michael Jackson at around 600 million views, says Birch.

Even though Lady Gaga will be the first to the one billion mark, TubeMogul data shows that lately Bieber has been the hotter of the two and has been YouTube's most-viewed music artist. From July 1 to September 28, according to TubeMogul data supplied to Billboard, Bieber averaged 3.98 million daily views to Lady Gaga's 2.04 million views per day.

Bieber has been hot since winter. Since February 28, Bieber has averaged 3.83 million daily views while Lady Gaga has averaged 2.53 million. To put their numbers in perspective, Kanye West has averaged 271,000 daily views in that time period.

But what really stands out is the consistent performance of Bieber's videos. In April, TubeMogul began "Most Viral Videos of the Month" to highlight the most-viewed videos -- including unofficial versions -- in a given month. Nearly 9 in 10 of all videos to make the list have been music videos, and Justin Bieber has been the one constant month after month. He had four of the top 10 videos of the month from April through August.

Both artists have many of YouTube's all-time most-viewed videos. Bieber's "Baby" is YouTube's most-watched video of all time with 345 million views. His "Never Let You Go" is No. 22 with 92 million views while "Never Say Never" is No. 28 with 86 million views.

Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" is No. 2 all-time at YouTube with 288 million views. "Just Dance" is at 11 with 123 million views, "Alejandro" is 26 with 87 million views and "Telephone" is 31 with 85 million views.

YouTube views include videos in the Vevo network but not Vevo videos viewed at Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff has stated that YouTube accounts for about 90 percent of Vevo's views. Videos by both Bieber and Lady Gaga are shown on Vevo.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

>Everyone have been talking bout this video!!


5 boys doing the Pelvic Thrust? ESPECIALLY JUSTIN! Cant complain~


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

>Aye do the Vickroc!


I just have a feeling that Justin is gonna play this song on his soundcheck and dance.
This song is called Vickroc. Vickroc is actually Justin Bieber's choreographer.
This is a song he made. Its pretty cool~
Add him on Twitter.. @Vickroc!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

>Justin Bieber's 'Baby' Coming To 'Glee

We already knew Justin Bieber's music will turn up on an upcoming episode of "Glee," but we weren't sure which smash the McKinley High crew would be remaking — until now. 

"Glee" star Amber Riley confirmed to MTV News on Sunday (January 16) that not just one, but two Bieber jams will be made over by the cast of the hit song-and-dance show, including the Ludacris-assisted chart-topper "Baby," which was dubbed the most viewed music video on YouTube in 2010.
"There's gonna be two Bieber songs, and I think 'Baby' is one. I think that's correct," Riley disclosed on the Golden Globes red carpet. 

According to Riley, the Gleeks are also set to rock another Bieber-helmed dance-floor filler: "Somebody to Love." "I think ... those are the two songs," she revealed. 

"Glee" co-creator Ryan Murphy also recently dished that part of Bieber's pop&B repertoire would make it into the show. In a very apt use of the pop star's teen-hysteria-inducing hits, Murphy said the Biebs' music would be the backdrop for a scene in which one of the fellas tries to win over one of the "Glee" ladies.
"Bieber comes up in episode 13 as a small plot point. Sam [Chord Overstreet] sings a J.B. song to win Quinn's [Dianna Agron] approval," Murphy said recently. 

In addition to Bieber, Lady Gaga is slated to get the "Glee" treatment once again, this time for a track that hasn't even dropped. Murphy said Mother Monster's forthcoming "Born This Way" single will serve as the inspiration for an episode about school bully Karofsky (played by Max Adler), who the show has hinted is gay. 

"I love that that song is [an] anthem," Murphy said. "This show is by nature optimistic, and I think a character like Karofsky could turn to booze or pills or alcohol and kill themselves or do something dark. But I also love Max and I love that character and I sorta want that character to have a happy ending.
"So I don't really know what that's going to be," he continued. "But I do know we're going to do a whole episode that's about that song."

Friday, October 12, 2012

>Justin Bieber: Usher has advised him not to date a fan

Usher has advised Justin Bieber not to date a fan.

The ‘OMG’ hitmaker is a mentor to the 16-year-old singer and has advised his protegee to enjoy his success but to learn from his own mistakes and keep a distance from his supporters a. He said: “I tell Justin you’ve got to love all your fans without falling in love with them. I can’t say I’ve never dated a fan but it’s not a good idea. I tell him to understand that you are a fantasy to them and you should be mindful of that.


>Speaking in Tongues Choreography

Kanec's(Justin's Background Dancer) Hiphop Dance Class to Justin Bieber's "Speaking in Tongues"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

>Justin Bieber Is MTV News' #3 Man Of The Year

>Justin Bieber seemingly did it all in 2010. He sold out concerts, filmed a movie, released two albums and set girls hearts aflutter — all in the span of 12 months. Not only is he arguably the biggest pop star in the world, he's also pals with some of hip-hop's biggest names (just ask Drake, Ludacris and Kanye West if you don't believe us), and he chills with some of the prettiest girls in the game thanks to friendships with ladies like Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

This really is Justin Bieber's world, and we're all just living in it. For a kid from a small town in Canada, Bieber's meteoric rise to fame from Internet sensation to bona fide musical superstar may have seemed fast, but let's face it: Bieber is the real deal.

2010 Highlights: Justin Bieber kicked off 2010 with his smash single "Baby." He also showed his charitable side appearing on BET's "SOS: Help for Haiti" telethon and lending his voice to the "We Are the World" remake. He was also a presenter at the Grammy Awards alongside Ke$ha.

Bieber then went bowling with Drake and Ludacris in his "Baby" video and would later date the clip's leading lady, Jasmine Villegas. In February, Justin caused hysteria in Paris during a trip to Europe, and then in March, he turned sweet 16, collaborated with Sean Kingston on the track "Eeenie Meenie" and had Aziz Ansari mock him in a Funny or Die clip he thought was "hilarious." He also released his sophomore album, My World 2.0, which he promised would be "a lot of fun."

Bieber became the subject of his own "Diary" special in late March, released his video for "Never Let You Go" and made an appearance at the Teen Choice Awards. He kicked off April by taking over Funny or Die, where he joked, "I'm a star. I do what stars do. I ride on yachts. I autograph lady lumps."

That same month, Bieber once again showed his funny side on "Saturday Night Live," where he was the night's musical guest. He sat down with MTV News and thanked his fans for making him a constant Twitter trend.

He shook up New Zealand and Australia, causing more fan hysteria, and by May, his fans were threatening the life of Kim Kardashian just for taking a Twitpic with him! In June, he hooked up with Jaden Smith for the "Karate Kid" track "Never Say Never." He was nominated for the Teen Choice Awards and hung out with his mentor Usher in the "Somebody to Love" video. That same month, Bieber was a big winner at the Much Music Awards and kicked off his first-ever headlining tour.

The second half of 2010 was just as busy for the star. In July, he and Lady Gaga battled it out for YouTube supremacy and announced he'd be on "CSI" and releasing a book. (He followed through on all those promises by year's end.) By the end of August, Kanye West's remix of "Runaway Love" hit the world, and it was announced that Bieber would be performing at the VMAs. He also filmed the concert portions of his 3-D movie at Madison Square Garden.

JB hit the stage at the VMAs in September and even took home his first-ever Moonman. At the show, he shared with MTV News that "girlfriends are trouble." He made his cameo on "CSI" and premiered his video for "U Smile," and then in October, he revealed the name of his 3-D flick — "Never Say Never" — as well as the first trailer for the movie.

In November, he released his book and his My Worlds Acoustic album and took home a few American Music Awards. And that brings us to December, when he sat down with Barbara Walters, made Google's Zeitgeist list and went out for pancakes with Selena Gomez.

If doing all that in 12 months isn't reason enough to make Justin Bieber our #3 Man of the Year, then we're not sure what can.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

>Justin Bieber 'writing,' to record next album this summer!

Billboard Music Award nominee Justin Bieber is keeping busy while on tour this Spring. Confirming that he has been writing while in Australia Wednesday, Bieber hopes to have his next album out by the end of the year !
"Been writing alot of songs on the road," Bieber told fans Wednesday. "Excited to just get this music out later this year and record this summer."
As previously reported, Bieber has been linked to Ne-Yo, who has said the "Baby" singer's next album should be more mature/grown up.

"[The songs] are not so grown where it's like, 'He doesn't know anything about that stuff,' but it's not bubblegum kiddie stuff, either," said Ne-Yo. "I think he has the kind of talent that will carry. He just needs tangible records, the kind of records that will grow with him and allow his fans to grow with him."

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

>Fan's Bieber Tattoo


A Bieber fan from Brazil got a tattoo of Justin Bieber on her back(if im not wrong).

What u think? Cool or WTF?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

>Victoria Justice Wears Justin Bieber's Glasses!

Victoria Justice knows how to rock purple shades!

The Victorious star Tweeted a pic of herself wearing a pair of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D glasses. "Had fun with @JustinBieber and the ladies of Victorious today," Victoria wrote.

Justin also Tweeted about how cool it was being on the Nickelodeon set. "Just finished hangin on set and talking about #NeverSayNever3D with everyone from @Victorious. Good people. Follow them," he wrote.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

>More Project::Unisex Fragrance

Justin Bieber is expanding his empire of branded merchandise by launching a fragrance line.
The 16-year-old YouTube sensation, who already has a nail polish line and signature doll in the works, has teamed up with Etoile Nation Beauty to produce a unisex fragrance called "My World."
According to Women's Wear Daily, the scent, named after the singer's current tour, will be infused in wristbands and dog tags instead of the traditional glass bottle.
The $10 price tag for the frangrance-filled accessories should register well with Bieber's young fans. Etoile president Michael Ferrera said the collection is intended for girls and guys "to stack, mix and match, trade and take the scent on the go."
"Fragrance will be as simple as switching from one dog tag to another," he added.
"My World" will be available in Wal-Mart stores on Black Friday (Nov. 26). 


>Justin Bieber set for 'Today Show' during 'Never Say Never' tour!

Justin Bieber is looking to have quite a week starting Monday when it come to promotions for "Never Say Never." We have already heard a good bit about the 16-year old's two-day stint on "The Late Show with David Letterman" -- now, we have also found out about another appearance the singing star will be making.

On Monday morning, Justin will be on hand for "The Today Show," and will also be answering plenty of fan questions about anything and everything. How do you submit something? It's ultimately pretty simple -- you just have to head over to this link, submit a question, and then hope for the best. "Today" has been a frequent destination for Bieber in the past, as he performed there during the summer.

Check back for the next seven days, as we are going to have plenty of coverage throughout the entirety of Bieber's publicity tour for the new movie. As always, we appreciate your thoughts and comments below!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

>Justin Bieber Making Life Hard for...Justin Bieber

Will the real Justin Bieber please stand up?

Well, that depends on which Justin Bieber you mean.

There's the teen singing sensation, the one who's hounded by screaming girls, touring the world and rolling in dough.

But there's also the 35-year-old pinball whiz from Jacksonville, Fla., who can't maintain a Facebook account with that famous name because the site accuses him of being a fake.

And there's the small-town father of three who says his family was getting phone calls 24/7 from people—including girls who claimed to be Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez— who apparently think the Bieb might be hiding out in Bowdle, S.D.

"We'd come home and our voice box would be completely full of girls screaming or hang-ups," Bieber No. 3 told E! News recently. "So we ended up changing our phone number after 15 years of having it."

("Bieber!" We picture Stephen Colbert yelling that and shaking his fist.)

Florida Bieber is also inundated with unwanted attention. He tells E! that he gets tons of fan mail each day and had to unplug his phone because he was getting too many late-night calls. He's even been offered duet opportunities with some very famous singers.

"I started getting calls from Sony on my cell, then a call from a company wanting me to work with Lady Gaga. They said she wants to do a duet. I said she can call me, but it's not the right place."

A Sony honcho even rudely instructed him to change his name after realizing he reached the wrong Bieber, he says.

But the bespectacled Florida Bieber, an online tech support worker who keeps his hair far more closely cropped than his 16-year-old doppelgänger, just wants to be able to hang with his wife and hit the arcade in peace.

"It's pretty annoying," he says. "I first noticed it when my wife Googled the name and there were YouTube videos of Justin Bieber. Then about about a year and a half ago, teenagers started calling. At first it was cute and I'm like, 'Why are they trying to talk to me? Why would a 15-year-old have a house in Florida?' "

This Bieber's house phone has now been unplugged for the past two months.

He's also tried to contact Facebook in order to get reinstated, but has had no luck yet. After having an account for six months, it was suddenly disabled with no warning, seemingly just because he was born Justin Bieber.

About 21 years before Justin "Baby" Bieber was born.

"I can't reach anyone there," he says. "I've filled out forms, but they kicked me off due to 'using a fake name.' "

Wisely, his cellphone voice mail says, "You've reached me," lest anyone think they had actually found the singing sensation's number.

On the plus side, at least people now know the correct pronunciation of his name.

"Before, everyone said Justin Byber," he says.


Monday, October 1, 2012

>Scott (Scooter) Braun: Bieber's 'big brother'

Scott (Scooter) Braun doesn't mind that people give Usher credit for discovering Justin Bieber.
"It's a huge misconception, but to be honest, a large part of that discovery story I created because I knew no one wants to hear about me because no one knows who I am," says Braun, who manages the 16-year-old pop star.

That's beginning to change. As Bieber's following continues to grow (Bieber's first studio album, "My World 2.0," was certified platinum in less than two months), so does Braun's name.

In 2007, while researching another artist, Braun came across musicvideos Bieber had posted on YouTube.

"My gut went absolutely crazy. I said, 'This is the kid I've been looking for,' " recalls Braun, a former marketing exec for So So Def Recordings.

After tracking down Bieber in Canada, Braun convinced the minor's mother to let him fly the would-be megastar to Atlanta, where he introduced Bieber to Usher. After creating more YouTube videos and building up his online presence, Braun started scheduling meetings with labels.

"No one wanted him," he remembers. "They all wanted to do a development deal, but no one wanted to step up. They were afraid because no one from YouTube had ever worked, let alone a minor, without Nickelodeon or Disney."

Finally, in late 2008, Bieber signed with L.A. Reid's Island Records. In November, his debut release "My World" made Bieber the first artist to have seven songs from a first album on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Now it's all about transition and making sure (Bieber's success) continues, as well as making people understand how truly talented he really is," says Braun, who doubles as Bieber's protective big brother on the road.