I wonder, how will they portray Justin on the cover? For sure it won’t do them any good to let Justin display some skin the way they portrayed Miley Cyrus a few years back.

Nevertheless, this exposure on the Vanity Fair cover will be great for Justin as well as for the magazine.

And that’s not the only that Justin has going next year. According to reports, he is also on the list for potential nominees for the Original Song category for the Academy Awards! Wow. That’s definitely a big honor if he gets nominated.

The focus of the piece will likely be Bieber’s musical documentary, which is due to come out in February.  Vanity Fair recently interviewed the director John M. Chu, who also directed Step Up 3-D. With this, the Love spread and the variety of girly beauty products he has coming out, it looks like 2011 could be a good year for the Biebs