Thursday, September 30, 2010

U Smile Official Video!!

Justin explains of the concept for the video...
He tweeted:
so the U SMILE video is almost here...and here is the concept...
...every interview every show I get asked would i date a fan....well as a SINGLE guy...yes single...the answer is...
...yes...i would date whoever i fell for. and that could be a fan. so the video is that story...
...the video is i meet as she is a fan...and i fall for her. i fall 4 her is the story of me and her..and she represents all of u
so when u watch tonight think that could be us :) when u smile i smile. enjoy. hope u like it. #USMILE

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh My Daddy~!

Justin Bieber Love Kids?

Photos from oceanUP

Justin Bieber Singing Toys

Delete footage of the Brazillian interview!! :O Oh no u didnt JB!

Buble as Bieber in his video "Hollywood"

Justin Bieber Lunches in South Africa

Justin Bieber looked a little surprised to be photographed while he was vacationing in South Africa this week.

The 16-year-old teen idol was spotted enjoying lunch at a restaurant in Cape Town. While Baby Biebs is taking a well-deserved vacation, he tells fans that he is already itching to get back to work. "I miss performing," Justin tweeted earlier today, proving that he isn't your average lazy teen.



Lea Michele wants Bieber on Glee!

Glee star Lea Michele knows who she wants the show’s next guest star to be—Justin Bieber!

In a recent interview with E! Online, Michele talked about the possibility of the Biebs appearing. "I don't know about Justin Bieber coming on the show, but he would be awesome.”

What’s perfect is that Justin is at the age to be able to play a student too! We’re thinking new freshman transfer who happens to have killer pipes??

While we sit and hope for the Bieber guest appearance, Lea also had other great Glee news. She said “But I will tell you this—breaking news from Lea Michele!—we have an Academy Award winner coming on ‘Glee’ in the next few episodes that is not Justin Bieber."

Who could it be?? We’ll have to use our investigative skills to find out. Perhaps she’s talking about Javier Bardem, who is appearing on the show this season. Michele said she’s upset her character isn’t lucky enough to have a love scene with him.

"I know the storyline and it's not with me,” Lea said. “Maybe I'll be like, 'Don't I look like Penelope Cruz? Hey, It's me—I'm Penelope.' "

Good luck with that Lea!


Introducing the Official Justin Bieber Dolls and Toys

Bieber Fever will be hitting the toy aisles this year -- J-14 is excited to announce the first-ever Justin Bieber toy and doll line!

Debuting around December 4, the Justin Bieber toy line will include: Justin Bieber collection figures, Justin Bieber singing figures that sing a portion of one of Justin's most popular hit songs, Justin Bieber microphones that play two of Justin's hit songs, and a collectible plush bears.

Fans can pre-order the toys and dolls starting today on and see all the products on


Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Dolls!

Oh, man, Santa Claus is gonna need an extra sled just to hold all these Justin Bieber dolls. Just in time for the holidays, these authentic Justin Bieber Dolls are about to be living under almost every Christmas tree in America.
Designed by Bravado, these dolls come in two different categories. You can either get a "Style Collection," which is pretty much Justin looking like a swagged out boss or the "Music Video Collection Singing Figures" which actually sing songs by the Biebs. I don't know why you'd need the singing version, though. You'll probably be screaming so loud (with utter joy) you won't be able to hear it.
So far we've seen images of two of the dolls; the above, singer-songwriter, let-me-get-your-scarf-for-you kind and this one...

...the swagged out, all-black-everything model.
Add these toy dolls to the ever-growing merchandising empire surrounding Justin Bieber. Resistance is futile. Whether you've been naughty or nice, you'll probably want these come holiday season. The Justin Bieber doll is expected to hit stores in early December. I'd get on line now, if I were you.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Dont stop voting!


Justin Bieber announces video debut of 'U Smile'

Justin Bieber has been teasing fans about the ongoing progress of his latest music video. But it looks like the wait is almost over.

On Saturday, Justin finally made the announcement that the music video for his hit single "U Smile" will debut in less than one week. The teen pop star broke the news first to his loyal Twitter followers by stating: "yeah i got the news...U SMILE video premieres Sept 30th!! week!"

In an interview with MTV News, the Canadian singer said, "'U Smile' is one of the best songs I have ever recorded. It really is a throwback to the great records I listened to growing up. ... I wrote it for all my fans who got me here."

Originally, "U Smile" was released as the second digital-only single from the second half of Justin's debut album on March 16, 2010.

Are you excited to see the new video for "U Smile?" What is your favorite Justin Bieber song?


Justin Bieber Disses His Fans — ‘They Do Not Know Who I Am!’

Justin says the love his fans have for him ‘is not real love’ and admits to being lonely!

It looks like things may be getting pretty lonely at the top for Justin Bieber as he is even dissing his fans in his latest interview! Justin sat down with the Daily Mail and when the reporter noted how much his fans love him Justin responded, “It is not real love. You can say it is, but it’s not. They do not know who I am.” Ouch!

Justin, who the reporter notes had been having a tough day due to vocal problems, also says he is getting “lonely” on tour. “I want to hang out with my friends, but I need security,” he explains. He does however have a temporary solution; “I’m going to get my dog to come on the road in a couple of weeks.”

When asked later if there are any singers he admires, or if he wants to be like that other famous Justin (Timberlake), the Biebs replies, “I am going to do a Justin Bieber.”

What do you think about Justin’s new interview HollywoodLifers? Was Justin just having a bad day?


Clearly... U guys got it wrong~ SMH

Justin Tweeted:

"u know u wake up and you go online sometimes and see your words twisted or isolated from the whole meaning. It is frustrating.... become gaurded. sometimes u dont know who to trust. U say one thing to someone and it comes out totally different...
....that is why i like twitter. i can say it how it is. no one twisting things
so people want to know where it is. My fans and i we LOVE EACHOTHER. But to be IN LOVE with someone u need to get to know them personally
I get asked all the time would I date a fan and my answer I would date whoever I fall IN LOVE with, and yes that could be a fan"

Well said Biebs~


U Smile premiers on 30th Sept!!!!!!
Who's excited???
I am!!
Coz its for me!!
And yes.. All u beautiful Beliebers!
This is our Anthem~

The Jonas Brothers are not afraid of Justin Bieber

Jonas Brothers aren’t afraid of Justin Bieber’s extreme success. Kevin said: 'I think there is room for everybody. We’re not afraid of anything or worried about anything. We’re just being who we are and making music that we love. We’re proud of the guys that are following their dreams. As long as they’re doing it for the right reasons, we’ll totally support them.'

Joe is still friends with Demi and has fun with her: 'Me and Demi, we’ve known each other for a long time. We’re very close friends. We’ve been friends for a long time. Some things work out, some things don’t. That’s just how it is. It’s always fun working on screen and off stage with Demi. We have a lot of fun.'


Jimmy Fallon Channels Justin Bieber

Jimmy Fallon, master impersonator, has struck again!

The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon host, who captivated the world with his Robert Pattinson impression, has now applied his chameleon-like powers to channeling "Baby" singer Justin Bieber.

Fallon tweeted a picture of himself all Bieber-ed out last night, along with a crack about the Bieb-ster's CSI performance:

"Justin Bieber made his acting debut on CSI. In the episode, Justin is forced to investigate a very suspicious arrival—pubes."

Ooooh—low blow, Fallon!

But let's set that unpleasantness aside for a moment. Who rocks the Bieber look better, Justin or Jimmy? Have your say in the comments section.


Girls Nite Out Justin Bieber BABY Cover

J-14 Exclusive Photo Gallery: Justin Bieber's "My World" Tour








Billboard's 21 UNDER 21 Music's Hottest

Billboard lists '21 Under 21, selected not only for their tender age but also for their potential to rule the pop culture zeitgeist over the next 12 months.'

1. Taylor Swift
2. Justin Bieber
3. Selena Gomez
4. Charice
5. Soulja Boy
6. Nick Jonas
7. Willow Smith
8. Demi Lovato
9. Greyson Chance
10. Miley Cyrus
11. Lex Lugar
12. Taylor Momson
13. Chris Colfer
14. Miranda Cosgrove
15. Diggy Simmons
16. Wondergirls
17. Never Shout Never
18. New Boyz
19. Nikki Yanofsky
20. Cody Simpson
21. Sean Kingston


EXCLUSIVE! Behind the Scenes with Jasmine V on the Justin Bieber Tour

Jasmine V, opening act (and possible crush!) of one Justin Bieber, is giving Celebuzz readers an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse at her time on The Biebs' My World tour.

Following the big announcement that she was joining Baby Biebs on the road, 16-year-old Jasmine "V" Villegas was kind enough to share the first official video montage from her time on tour with Celebuzz. Check out Jasmine rehearsing, performing (and bowling!) in the video below, cut to her new single, "To The Yard:"

Jasmine V's first official performance (even before the Bieber tour) was for Sprite's Fresh Sound Studio series exclusively on Buzznet. The show features all of her new music, choreography and sexy style. For more Fresh Sound Studio performances with Good Charlotte and N*E*R*D, make sure to stay tuned to

What do you think of Jasmine V? Is she a fitting opening act - and girlfriend - for The Biebs? Let us know in the comments.


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I wanna be Jazzy!

3 flys up in Saskatoon Canada

Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever

Michael Buble as Justin Bieber

Canadian crooner Michael Buble dresses up as teen sensation Justin Bieber in the video for his latest single "Hollywood," the follow-up to "Haven’t Met You Yet."

A loving tribute to a fellow Canuck!

In the vid, Michael also dresses up as other celebs including Clint Eastwood and James Dean.

The official "Hollywood" video drops next week but the track is now available on iTunes and is part of the upcoming Crazy Love Hollywood edition being released on Oct 25th.




Madison Square Garden: BACKSTAGE!

Heat snaps Justin Bieber arriving in South Africa!

Yes it’s true! Sweet sixteen heartthrob Justin Bieber landed at OR Tambo this morning at 9.20, and heat was there to welcome the teen superstar.

Dressed casually and hiding his trademark mop of hair under a beanie, Justin was so low-key that he almost made it through the airport unrecognised… but your trusty heat sleuths made sure you get the pictures first!

We were expecting him to be surrounded by burly bodyguards, but the Canadian pop hero was accompanied by only a small entourage of friends – no other teens though… Bad news for fans is that he is not going to perform – this is purely a holiday.

heat spoke exclusively to Justin’s neighbour on the plane, an American tourist, who described him as a “very friendly, chatty kid”. Delfino Martinez, a 47-year-old nurse from California, had no idea who his famous, chatty neighbour was until Justin eventually told him!

“The rest of his party was back in economy, due to some mix-up, and in the middle of the night, Justin got up to let his manager sleep in his seat for about three hours. He went back to the manager’s seat in economy and sat there for that time,” said Martinez. Awwww, what a sweetie!


Dont Cough!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I bet Edmonton show was fun~


Justin Bieber -- Sucking Face with His Opening Act

Justin Bieber was locked in a serious make-out session with the chick who stars in his "Baby" music video ... but the shocking part -- it all went down in the back of a Honda!!! And TMZ has the photos.

The chick playing tonsil hockey with The Biebs is 16-year-old Jasmine Villegas -- who also happens to be the opening act on Bieber's concert tour.

The photos were taken on Thursday, September 9 in Venice, CA by some Canadian tourist who just happened to notice his country's most famous pop star in the midst of a make-out session with the luckiest teenage girl on the planet.

The two had been rumored to be dating ... but they insisted they were just "really cool friends."

Sorry to disappoint you, Chelsea Handler Rihanna Kathy Griffin Kim Kardashian America.


Justin Bieber to Launch Home Line

What's next for the design world: Justin Bieber home. We imagine a focus group for the products.

When we heard about the upcoming Justin Bieber home line we knew immediately that it was destined to be a huge hit. With fans like his, how could he fail? So we thought we'd have a little bit of fun -- imagining what a focus group for the Justin Bieber home line might sound like.

Focus group director: Thank you everyone for coming to the Justin Bieber home line focus group. Lady Sandra Home Fashions is creating bed, bath and beach products with teen star Justin Bieber. The five of you represent Justin Bieber fans of all ages. You are here today to give us your feedback and opinions on the proposed goods. So we'll just start with some questions. What kind of colors would you like to see in a Justin Bieber bedroom set?

6-year-old girl: PINK! With sparkles!

24-year-old woman: I don't think the color is really going to matter if it has Justin Bieber's face all over it. Who would want that?

15-year-old boy: I would go with something masculine. Justin seems like a guy's guy and I don't think he'd appreciate anything too girly.

60-year-old-woman: Justin's favorite color is purple. He's definitely photographed wearing purple most often. Although he does wear blue from time to time.

Focus group director: What kind of products would you like included in the bathroom category?

15- year-old boy: A toothbrush that plays the song Baby while you're brushing. That way you know how long to brush. That would be cool.

6-year-old girl: Bieber bath toys!

24-year-old woman: No one else thinks it's weird to have a 15-year-old boy's picture all over your bathroom?

60-year-old woman: Yeah you're right, but Justin is 16. I think you should have Justin shower curtains. Preferably one of the photos from the February issue of J-14 magazine.

Focus group director: What kind of Justin would you like to see portrayed in the line? "Rock Star Justin," "Laid Back Justin," or "Dreamy Justin"?

6-year-old girl: I like Justin.

15-year-old boy: I'd like "Rock Star Justin". But then again, "Laid Back Justin" would be cool, too. Which one do girls like better?

60-year-old woman: Oh, I just can't choose! Is there a way to have all three Justins on one bed spread? Ooh, I also have some other suggestions. "Hair Flip Justin" and "Pirated-Screen-Shot-of-Upcoming-Episodes-of-CSI-Justin".

24-year-old woman: ....Wow.

Focus group director: If you were to choose one Justin Bieber song to design a room around, which would it be and why?

15-year-old boy: U Smile, because he wrote U instead of you, and that really speaks to my generation.

24-year-old woman: Well, the only Justin Bieber song I know is Baby, so I guess I'll go with that one.

60-year-old woman: This is a hard question. I guess I'd have to go with Where Are You Now. You know, the Walmart, Australia and Japan bonus track off of My World 2.0.

Focus group director: Well, thank you all so much for coming. With all of your help I'm sure Justin Bieber will become a design legend, up there with Albert Hadley and George Nakashima!

Everyone: Who?

Focus group director: Oh, well, they're like the Usher and Justin Timberlake of design.

60-year-old woman: Ha! So passé.


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"Who here just wanna come here and look really pretty for me?"

Happy Birthday TC!!

Happy Birthday TC! @TCtourMgmt via Twitter!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Justin Bieber MTV EMA Noms!

Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber have been nominated for 2010 MTV EMAs. Miley for Best Pop & Female and Justin for Best Male, Push Act & New Act. Selena Gomez & The Scene were nominated for Best Push Act and Tokio Hotel for Best World Stage Performance


Edmonton BuyOut!

The girls from the buyout.

Jesse McCartney Working With Bieber

Jesse McCartney told M that he's working with Justin Bieber on his new album:
'Justin's a really nice guy. I'm actually writing a few songs for his next CD.' Advice to Justin: 'You know, to really appreciate it, to live in the moment and work hard, and you can have a career for years to come.'


Justin Bieber is Single!

Justin Bieber is single... and sort of ready to mingle.

Despite summer rumors that connected him to Caitlin Beadles, the singer confirmed at this year's MTV Video Music Awards that he's available and in the market for a girl who "can make me laugh," as he told People magazine.

When you're receiving kisses from Rihanna and Katy Perry, why tie yourself down... right, J Biebs?
But does Justin really want a girlfriend?

"Girlfriends are trouble at this age,” he told MTV. “Girls are fun to hang out with but, like, having that one steady girl... we’re constantly traveling and one girl’s not gonna really [work]. You can’t really have one girl. I don’t really have any crushes at the moment.”

Sorry, gals. But, hey, he's probably up for a fun night or two if you're in the mood! Watch Bieber dish on his love life below



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Vote for Justin Bieber in these catergories!!!

Iconic Singer
Jason Derülo
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Iconic Song
"Airplanes" - B.o.B. ft. Hayley Williams
"Baby" - Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris
"California Guris" - Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg
"Tik Tok" - Ke$ha
"Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga
"OMG" - Usher ft.

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Alyson Stoner
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Demi Lovato
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Icon of the Year
Justin Bieber
Miley Cyrus
Nick Jonas
Selena Gomez
Taylor Lautner
Taylor Swift


We LOVE Jazzy!!

Usher Teaching Justin Bieber to be a Ladies' Man

Usher appeared on Chelsea Lately last night to promote his new album Versus. But per usual on Chelsea’s show, they got a little off topic.

Usher talked about his new cologne he just released, and said how it’s a big hit with the ladies. “If I want the broads on me, I’m grabbing this thing right here,” he said of his new scent VIP.

Usher also talked about his OMG Tour, which kicks of November 10, and how he’s continuing to coach his protégé Justin Bieber through life.

“He learned well,” Usher said of Bieber. “You gotta start young. You start being a young ladies’ man, and then you’re a ladies man.”

Check it out below


Usher's Advice for Justin Bieber

R&B star Usher has urged his protege Justin Bieber to eat well and take care of himself - to ensure his voice doesn't change too much as he grows into a man.

The Yeah! hitmaker has been mentoring the 16 year old since they met in 2008 and they share the same singing coach to keep their vocals in top condition.

But Usher has warned the teenager - who pulled out of a gig in New York last month after a health scare - he needs to look after himself.

Usher tells Access Hollywood, "We're taking the right steps to make sure that he didn't lose too much (ability to hit high notes). It's all about what you eat and really just taking care of yourself."