Monday, September 27, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! Behind the Scenes with Jasmine V on the Justin Bieber Tour

Jasmine V, opening act (and possible crush!) of one Justin Bieber, is giving Celebuzz readers an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse at her time on The Biebs' My World tour.

Following the big announcement that she was joining Baby Biebs on the road, 16-year-old Jasmine "V" Villegas was kind enough to share the first official video montage from her time on tour with Celebuzz. Check out Jasmine rehearsing, performing (and bowling!) in the video below, cut to her new single, "To The Yard:"

Jasmine V's first official performance (even before the Bieber tour) was for Sprite's Fresh Sound Studio series exclusively on Buzznet. The show features all of her new music, choreography and sexy style. For more Fresh Sound Studio performances with Good Charlotte and N*E*R*D, make sure to stay tuned to

What do you think of Jasmine V? Is she a fitting opening act - and girlfriend - for The Biebs? Let us know in the comments.


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