Wednesday, October 10, 2012

>Justin Bieber 'writing,' to record next album this summer!

Billboard Music Award nominee Justin Bieber is keeping busy while on tour this Spring. Confirming that he has been writing while in Australia Wednesday, Bieber hopes to have his next album out by the end of the year !
"Been writing alot of songs on the road," Bieber told fans Wednesday. "Excited to just get this music out later this year and record this summer."
As previously reported, Bieber has been linked to Ne-Yo, who has said the "Baby" singer's next album should be more mature/grown up.

"[The songs] are not so grown where it's like, 'He doesn't know anything about that stuff,' but it's not bubblegum kiddie stuff, either," said Ne-Yo. "I think he has the kind of talent that will carry. He just needs tangible records, the kind of records that will grow with him and allow his fans to grow with him."

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