Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cardboard Bieber travels around B.C.

Lillea Goian, 13, left, and Jayden Roch, 15, with cardboard Justin Bieber on the road to Vancouver from Nelson to attend his concert.
 Lillea Goian, 13, and Jayden Roch, 15, are in Vancouver after making an eight-hour pilgrimage from Nelson, B.C., to watch their idol sing tonight.

And they brought a life-sized cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber with them.

“We stopped at all the little landmarks along the way,” said Goian’s mom, Laurel Colins.

“We stopped at Keremeos and took pictures at Farmer Joe’s Petting Zoo,” said Goian. “He was on tour!”

Colins joked that the girls sparked Bieber sightings as they travelled with the cardboard doppelganger.

Goian and Roch’s VIP tickets for the sold-out concert tonight are a reward from Colins for their hard work competing internationally with their jump-rope team.

“We get to go to his before-party and sound check, and we get to stand right in front of the stage,” said Roch.

What makes Justin the teen heartthrob he is?

“His looks,” Goian said grinning. “He’s amazing! I love everything about him,” she gushed half-jokingly as she held her shopping bags of new clothes for the concert. “And he has a really good singing voice.”


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