Saturday, June 30, 2012

>Bieber Can Date No More

Justin Bieber's dating obsession is no secrets but when a journalist caught the 16 year old kissing Jasmin Villegas in his car, Bieber's mother Pattie Mallette, was very disturbed.

Pattie Mallette, is scared that Justin Bieber's dating girls will ruin his music career. “Pattie’s freaking out that she’s losing control of her boy. And she’s afraid that his obsession with girls is sapping his time and energy, and jeopardizing his music career.

“Pattie warned her son about Hollywood social climbing and told him Jasmine could be just using him to further her own career," said a source.

Pattie wants Justin bieber to only concentrate on his music career and denied him dating any girl. A friend of Justin Bieber has revealed that they have their own collection of Playboy Magazine which they take turns in keeping in their house.

With Pattie Mallette taking a strong stand on keeping her son away from all 'distractions', it seems he will not have enough access to these magazines.


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