Thursday, December 9, 2010

Willow Smith Will Tour With Justin Bieber

In news that will make every tween’s head explode, Justin Bieber has asked Willow Smith to tour with him. The shrieks that will take place at their concerts will probably knock the earth off its axis. The littlest Smith made the announcement on her Twitter yesterday, saying “Got news that my big bro @justinbieber invited me on his European Tour in exciting! Maybe I’ll let Jaden come..LOL #NEVERSAYNEVER.”

She called the Biebs her “big bro!” Excuse us for a moment while we take in the cuteness. But her actual big brother Jaden Smith wouldn’t be a bad invite either, considering he shared vocal duties with Justin on “Never Say Never.” Hopefully there will be an American leg of the tour too, and we can see their killer dance-off with our own eyes!


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