Friday, December 10, 2010

Mark Wahlberg Takes MTV News' Justin Bieber Quiz!

"The Fighter" star Mark Wahlberg hung up his rap hat ages ago, but it wasn't that long ago that he said he would consider getting back in the game if Justin Bieber was onboard.

But there's a good reason why the A-list actor is willing to pick up a mic again to work with the teen star.

"It's about my seven-year-old daughter, and it's way premature. She shouldn't be talking about or thinking about boys until, like, 13 or 14," Wahlberg told MTV News about his little girl's obsession with Bieber. And though he claimed to know little about the Biebs besides the chorus to "Baby," he happily obliged when we asked him to take MTV News' Bieber quiz. Read on to see how he scored!

MTV News: Who's the manager credited with discovering Bieber?

Wahlberg: Oh, that's my boy! ... Why am I blanking on his name? Scooter [Braun].
Answer: Scooter Braun

MTV News: The title of Bieber's first album?

Wahlberg: Um, Backstreet's Back? ... I don't know! H2O?
Answer: My World

MTV News: The 16-year-old guest-starred on a CBS drama, what was it?

Wahlberg: "CSI."
Answer: "CSI"

MTV News: The title of his upcoming film, which also happens to be his mantra?

Wahlberg: I don't know, it's a Paramount picture ... [Someone whispers the answer to him] "Never Say Never."
Answer: "Never Say Never"

MTV News: Finally, the four-letter song whose video is the most-watched YouTube video of all time?

Wahlberg: "Baby" ... Damn! I had to count them in my head. Four-letter word, that's out of my comfort zone. Three letters? Still on the fence. Two, I'm good.
Answer: "Baby"


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