Sunday, April 22, 2012

>Is Justin Bieber thinking of doing a song with Paul Anka?


There are rumors that Justin Bieber is thinking of teaming up with legendary singer Paul Anka. Could there be a Justin Bieber/Paul Anka single coming out in the near future?

I know that almost all of Justin Bieber's fans have no idea who Paul Anka is but teaming up with him could be huge for Bieber's career. Anka is a legend in the music business and could help Bieber reach a whole new audience. As Justin Bieber gets older he is going to have to find a way to adapt to an older audience. He faces the same problem that Miley Cyrus does in finding a way to transition from their teeny bopper fans to an older audience.

Anka has teamed up with other legends in the past including Michael Jackson.

It has been reported that Bieber and Anka have had meetings and that a deal could be in place very soon.

As soon as more information is available we will report on it.


If u're wondering who Paul Anka is... This is him.. He a famous singer back then.

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