Thursday, October 13, 2011

>Justin Bieber Foots the Bill for Girlfriend


Justin Bieber is really trying to impress his new girlfriend. Jasmine Villegas, the girl Biebs was caught making out with a couple weeks ago, was scheduled to be his opening act for his My World 2.0 tour.

But due to budget cuts, Jasmine was taken off the bill for the month of October. That’s where our boy JB came in to save the day. According to Life & Style, Bieber is footing the bill to keep Jasmine on tour with him.

“Justin is paying out of his own pocket to have his new sweetheart join him,” an insider tells the mag. “He’s footing the entire bill.”

The source says Justin has even extended the invitation to Jasmine’s entire entourage. “Whatever Justin Bieber wants,” says the insider, “Justin Bieber gets!”

At least JB is using his money for a good cause! Way to be, Biebs!


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