Thursday, September 22, 2011

>Terry Crews Loves Justin Bieber and Needs His Own ‘Expendables’ Spin Off


Interviewer: I was hoping you’d say Justin Bieber… (On his answer to the question "Can you recall any of the music he played on the set?")

Terry Crews: Yeah, but I love Justin! [Laughs] Let me tell you something, man. I gotta tell everyone this. I actually ran into Justin Bieber when nobody knew him at the Kids’ Choice Awards. He came up to me like, “Mr. Crews, how you doing? I’m produced by Usher and I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Justin Bieber,” and I just knew he was a good, nice kid. Next year, people are screaming and attacking him! He was like, “Hey, Mr. Crews! I blew up!”[Laughs] I want Bieber in the Expendables 2, he’ll play my son. I think it’ll be wonderful. It’ll be great, but he’ll probably get blown up [Laughs].


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