Monday, August 29, 2011

>Brand insults Bieber with lewd joke

When Ricky Gervais was shocking the Golden Globes crowd with his edgy jokes, Monsters and Critics reports that Russell Brand was performing his own controversial act for a small Los Angeles crowd.

The 35-year-old performed his stand-up routine while he was being filmed for his documentary, entitledHappiness, which features him traveling across the United States with a group of Marines.

A Justin Bieber look-a-like was sitting in the crowd during Brand’s routine, and the Get Him to the Greek star asked him, “Did you do that haircut to look like Justin Bieber?” 

Brand added, “I bet you are getting a lot more sex than you used to. Let's be honest - Justin Bieber, he can't f*** any of them anyway, can he? Having instead of a penis a corn nut.”

Talking about one of the Marine instructors, Brand said, “Hitler would have loved him - all blond hair, blue eyes and muscles. Hitler would have wanted to shag him, saying, 'Oh my, aren't you a big boy.'”

He added, “The more time I spent in a really masculine environment, the more gay I became. I kept making excuses to try and leave. I told the producers I would be better at researching porn. But they wouldn't have it.”

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