Tuesday, June 21, 2011

>Justin Bieber is all ears for SoundGirl

Justin Bieber just can't get enough of new pop sensation SoundGirl. The girl band have just been storming the world on tour with Bieber... oh the things they must have done, the things they must have seen. We're so jealous.

Anyway Justin was so taken with the group he tweeted about them to his fans, "Soundgirl are hot" Ooooo someone's likes Soundgirl, then again Bieber has the hots for pretty much every fit, female celebrity...

SoundGirl consists of Olivia Redmond, 17, Izzy Beardshaw, 16, and Nicole Short, 14. They first met Bieber at his hotel in Los Angeles where they were also staying. They decided, as you do, to try and find which room he was staying in.

According to the Daily Record, Olivia said, "We knocked on various doors trying to find him then we knocked on one door and found out it was Justin's room. We got a picture with him, then he came to meet us before he checked out."

"We never thought we'd see him again but when he came to London we met him again and he offered us the tour."

Olivia opened up about the tour, "We have just finished the tour dates with Justin who we spent loads of time with. He is such a megastar, we didn't expect to see him.

"But it was the complete opposite. We were with him and Willow Smith and they were pulling pranks which were so funny.

"They were really cool kids and so much fun to be with."


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