Monday, May 23, 2011

>Sydney, Stephanie, and Gona Say Good Bye to Justin Bieber?

>Hello all people around the world! Hello Beliebers!

We can’t even begin to express how many DMs we woke up to about this today, and how many tweets on our feed were about this. We also can’t even begin to express how divided we are on our feelings on this incident. Last night Stephanie, Sydney, and Gona suddenly got over Justin Bieber, ripped all Stephanie’s posters down, and made an obnoxious video to show how they’ve moved on?

The attitudes of Bieber Heiress differs. Some of us are indifferent yet understanding, and others are upset and angry.
Some of us think that the video was a mistake, yes, but we all make mistakes and forgiveness is always appreciated. No one seems to be able to forgive Gona, Steph, and Sydney, and many people just say that they’re ungrateful for everything Justin has done for them and what not. However, have you ever stopped to think what exactly Justin has done for them? They camp out in lines just like every other fan, and have only gotten to meet him twice without doing so. They get the occasional spontaneous DM from Justin, yes, but does that mean that they can’t move on from him and realize they’ve spent too much time on him? We think that the fans hounding them right now and trying to trash Bieber Army, when all of Bieber Army wasn’t involved, is unnecessary. It’s also crazy to think that people would go through the means they went through to copy the video that is now on MULTIPLE accounts. People have some serious animosity.

However, we do have to give the opinion of everyone at Bieber Heiress, and we do have to post the screenshots people sent in for us:
Some of the other members of Bieber Heiress disagree with what we said above, and instead said that last night, when it was posted, instead of being a fun video like we were expecting from the trio, it seemed horribly spiteful and rude. If it wasn’t directed at Justin, why put it on YouTube? Out of all the fans on YouTube, you guys have some of the best chances for him to see what you’re doing, and what if that insulted him? You are the first people to say when fans need to relax and stop being so hard on Justin, but how do you think it’d feel for him, on the second night of the biggest endeavor of his life, his My World Tour, to see a video like that?

The video was promptly deleted, but here are Sydney’s tweets about it.p

So aparently they were “really mad” about something that was “personal”? If it’s personal, why not express your anger personally? Last time Stephanie and Sydney got mad at Justin, back when he was recently in the Bahamas, as seen by these screenshots someone emailed us from Sydney’s Facebook, once again she was ready to give up.

Love & Light

Kautsar Hanani Najla Bieber Shawty

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